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This beginner plan is best performed at the gym. Home gym users will need a bench, dumbbells, a bar with weights, and ankle weights. Clients or patients who are deconditioned and have minor restrictions will find this beginner workout to be an easy way to get back into shape. Plan is delivered to email daily and viewable on Premier Wellness app as well.

Welcome to the first day of your workout plan. Lucky You! The next 6 weeks will introduce you to basic principles of cardio and resistance training to get you in better shape and better overall health. The plan will get more challenging as the weeks go on but for now, start slowly. 

Below is a PREVIEW of DAY 1 of the Exercise - Beginner Plan

For the first three weeks, you will split your body into upper and lower body. Each workout and each week brings new change. At week 4, it will change a lot. Each day begins with a short cardio warm up followed by a longer cardio workout or a strength training workout that will train a specific muscle group or groups. Today, start with a warmup and then a simple upper body workout. Here is your workout summary:

WARM UP - 5 minutes

WEIGHTS - 5 exercises, 2 sets of each.


WARM UP: Warm up on the cardio equipment of your choice for 5 minutes. If you like a treadmill, go for it. Or walk outside. Just get the blood moving first. Then, move on to the strength exercises.


STRENGTH: After your warmup, do the following five exercises. Perform 6-12 repetitions of each exercise depending on your abilities, resting 2 minutes in between sets before moving to the next exercise. After doing each exercise once, repeat all 5 exercises again. 

How much weight should you use? For each exercise, use a weight that allows you to comfortably finish 12 repetitions of the exercise. That might mean only using your body weight at first or small dumbbells. As the weeks go on, you will want to challenge yourself with more weight, but for now, just get 12 reps on each set comfortably. 


One Arm Dumbbell Rows

Seated Dumbbell Military Press

Biceps - Alternating Dumbbell Curls

Dumbbell Overhead Triceps Extension

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