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For people who do not have a gym membership, working out at home can be just as effective. This 8-week plan requires only some dumbbells, a mat and your own body weight. Recommended application is a healthy client or patient who is conditioned but wants to lose body fat and get in better shape. This workout is not for people with physical restrictions such as knee or back injuries or other medical restrictions. Plan is delivered to email daily and viewable on Premier Wellness app as well. 
Below is a PREVIEW of Day one of the Exercise - At Home Fitness Plan

At Home Fitness Lower Body Workout

You are now on the road to fitness. This plan will be delivered to your email every morning at 6:00 am. You can also have it delivered by text message if you change your account settings on the My Account tab. Also, click on the Welcome tab above to learn more about getting the most out of this platform.

OK, about your at home workout program. Working out at home doesn't mean you can't be in great shape. You can use mostly body weight, some dumbbells and a mat to do just about everything you need. If you want to add variety or you feel like you need more of a challenge, then plan on getting a bench and additional dumbbells as the weeks go on. You can also use bands for many of the exercises in the place of dumbbells if needed or while traveling. Check out the Alternate Exercises tab above for suggested alternatives.

This plan includes strength training workouts and cardio. Days of the week are split up based on the muscle group to be exercised.


Your first workout is a leg workout. Here is a summary:
WARM UP - 5 Minutes of Walking and 5 Minutes of Stretching
LEG WORKOUT: 3 sets each of Squats, Lunges and Wall Sits

Welcome to Day 1 of your plan!

Start with 5 minutes walking at a moderate pace to warm up the muscles and elevate the heart rate slightly. If your climate does not permit walking outside, walk around your house, up and down stairs, etc. to get the blood moving. Then, spend 5 minutes stretching your legs. See the Stretching Exercises tab above for ideas.


After stretching, complete 3 sets of each of the following exercises. Do 12-15 repetitions of each exercise, rest 2 minutes, then move on to the next set of the same exercise. Then move on to the next exercise after 3 complete sets. Use a weight that causes you to be fatigued at the end of each set but do not work to muscle failure. In other words, when you get to 12 to 15 repetitions, you should be able to do a couple more repetitions, if you wanted to. In the case of wall sits, try to hold the position for 30 seconds if you can.

Today is the first day of your workout program and there is no need to overdo it :)


Videos will be provided in the e-mail with each of the following exercises described in detail.

Squats - Body Only

Glutes/Hamstrings - Walking Lunges with Body Weight

Quadriceps - Wall Sit

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Exercise - At Home Fitness Plan (8 Weeks)

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