Exercise - 8 Week Advanced Training Plan

If you are already at your ideal weight but are looking to take your fitness to the next level, this intense workout plan is for you. Combining circuit training, cardiovascular exercises and supersets will give you the challenging workout that you've been looking for.
This is a PREVIEW of what to expect on DAY 1 of the Advanced Training Plan
Welcome to the first day of this advanced training plan. In just short 8 weeks, this plan will take you through a series of challenging workouts that will get you to an optimized fitness level. The days will be divided by muscle groups, combined with cardiovascular sessions. Now grab your weights and some water, lets get started.
This workout will be arranged in supersets. Perform the exercises continously, with a one minute rest in between sets. Total of 3 sets. Begin with a 10 minute warm up, on any cardio equipment of your choice (like jogging on treadmill, biking, or the elliptical machine).
12 reps   

Cable Front Lateral Raise

8 reps   

Dumbbell Press - Swiss Ball

12 reps   

Reverse flyes

12 reps   

Dumbbell Shrug

12 reps   

Standing Cable Upright Rows

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Exercise - Advanced Training Plan (8 Weeks)

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