Environmental Toxins

Toxic body burden is the lifelong accumulation of chemicals to which we are exposed through our food, air, and environment. This accumulation is not without consequences, and chronic health conditions like autoimmune and neurodegenerative diseases, as well as cancer and even diabetes, have been associated with ongoing exposure to environmental toxins.

Research suggests that this exposure begins very early in life. Once thought to be protected by the placental barrier, even infants have shown signs of in-utero toxic exposure. In fact, a 2005 Environmental Working Group (EWG) investigation found over 200 toxic compounds (in aggregate) in the cord blood of 10 newborns.

The Environmental Toxins test is a comprehensive and cost-effective tool that narrows down the areas of toxic burden that could be related to chronic, and intractable symptoms.


Why are the environmental toxic effects tests clinically useful?

Pervasive chemical compounds have been found to disrupt the immune, nervous, and endocrine systems. As more toxicants are used in products that increase the ‘convenience factor’ of our busy lives, there continues to be increases in infertility, certain cancers, developmental delays, asthma, chemical sensitivities, and hormonal imbalances. Environmental toxicants have been implicated in causing and exacerbating many of these conditions.

Populations at increased risk from the effects of these toxicants include:

  • Infants - including in utero development and children
  • Couples involved in preconception planning or infertility
  • People with multiple and repeated toxicant exposures - jobs and hobbies
  • People with immune impairment
  • People with poor nutrient status
  • People experiencing significant weight loss - post bariatric surgery
  • Elderly - as toxicants bioaccumulate over time

Additionally, the impact of various exposures (whether individual, simultaneous, sequential, or cumulative over a lifetime) may not be simply additive. Instead, combinations of exposures may have synergistic effects that intensify or otherwise alter their impact, when compared with the effects of each contaminant alone.

The presence of toxicants can be a burden, hindering from healing and responding to treatment. The Environmental Toxins test can help identify your specific toxic burden and together with your provider, help avoid further exposure.

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Environmental Toxins

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