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Specialty Testing

A physical exam and review of your symptoms don’t always provide enough information to determine what’s causing your physical symptoms. To find answers to your health questions and concerns, the holistic team at Premier Wellness in Wellington, Florida, offers functional lab testing, including genetic and telomere testing, stool studies, micronutrient analysis, and food sensitivity tests. For a comprehensive evaluation that includes functional lab testing, call the office today or book an appointment online.

Functional Lab Testing Q & A

What is functional lab testing?

Functional lab testing is crucial when you’re trying to determine the root cause of a symptom. The specialists at Premier Wellness strive to find the underlying cause of your medical dysfunction so you get the most effective treatment. Your functional lab test sheds light on what’s going on in your body and thereby helps direct your care.

What is genetic and telomere testing?

Your genetics and DNA play a major role in your health. The team at Premier Wellness offers genetic testing to help create a wellness plan that suits your very specific genetic profile.

A telomere is found on your DNA and provides information that may indicate your risk of developing certain medical conditions such as cancer, cirrhosis of the liver, or intestinal disorders. Knowing these risks can help the team at Premier Wellness create a very specific health plan focused on preventing the development of the chronic health issue.

What is micronutrient analysis?

The team at Premier Wellness understands that good nutrition is key to good health. However, they also understand that vitamin and mineral deficiencies can develop even if you eat well. A micronutrient analysis assesses your vitamin and mineral levels so your specialist can develop a supplement regimen to restore deficiencies.

What is food sensitivity testing?

Food is meant to serve as a tool to promote health, but if you’re sensitive to a food, then you may be at risk of inflammation and chronic illness. The team at Premier Wellness offers food sensitivity testing to assist in the creation of a diet plan that fits your specific health and wellness needs to promote health, not hinder it.

What is a stool study?

Your specialist at Premier Wellness may recommend a stool study if you’re experiencing intestinal disturbances. The stool study sheds light on gut health and may provide information about your risk of certain diseases. It also helps your specialist determine if you would benefit from gut and immune health supplements.

Functional lab testing serves as a very important tool to help find the root cause of your health symptom or issue. The specialists at Premier Wellness offer a number of tests that fully assess your health. To schedule your functional lab test, call the office today or book online.

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