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Specialty Lab Testing


How It Works

Ordering specialty lab tests from premier wellness is a simple three‐step process:

  1. Simply place your order online
  2. Depending on the lab test:
    • Blood – you will receive a call to schedule an appointment to come to our facility for bloodwork and processing
    • Urine – we will send a kit with requisition and instructions on how to collect your sample.
  3. When results come in, our wellness specialist will call you to review your results and answer your questions.Your results are sent directly to you.



What does the price of the  Specialty Lab Test include?

  • A doctor's order for testing
  • All lab / testing fees
  • A blood draw fee
  • A copy of your results
  • A review of your results with our specially trained Wellness Specialist

Do I need a visit a doctor to get a Specialty Lab Test?

No. As part of your test price, we provide an order from a licensed doctor.

Can I be diagnosed, treated, or prescribed medications based on the Specialty Lab Test?

We offer Specialty Lab Testing to our patients as a resource and information. Patients have the option to have their results discussed with them with our Wellness Specialist as a part of the price of the test. Therefore, you cannot be diagnosed, prescribed or treated. 

However, if you would like specific medical advice, you have the option to see one of our physicians or healthcare providers for a consult to review your medical hx and Specialty Lab results and together come up with the best plan of action for you at that time. 

Can I use my insurance for Specialty Lab Testing?

No. All Specialty Lab testing must be privately paid for at the time of purchase. We accept credit/debit cards and checks. We do not bill Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance companies. Also, we are unable to provide ICD-10 or CPT codes or our Tax ID number.

Why not just go to my own doctor and have him/her order the tests for me?

We encourage everyone to use their own doctor and health insurance for blood tests if possible. But many customers say it is easier and more convenient for them to use us instead of taking time out of their busy schedules to make appointments and wait around in a doctor's waiting room. Our customers also mention their shock at how much they have to pay if their insurance won't cover the tests compared to what they would pay through us. Also we offer unique blood panels you won't find elsewhere, plus your own doctor may not be willing to write a prescription for blood tests for preventive purposes.

What if I am interested in conventional testing? What labs do you work with?

Through our affiliation with Premier Family Health as a medical facility, we are able to work with Quest Lab and we can order and review these labs through your insurance.  As a practice, we try to do as much as possible through insurance with working up our patients.  

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