Brooke Combs, LSO and Aesthetician


Brooke was raised in the Pacific North West and is a native of Washington state. There she studied ballet growing up, a practice she is still passionate about.

Brooke moved to FL in 2015 where she began to pursue a career in the medical field at the Beauty & Health Institute in Tampa as a medical aesthetician, placing primary focus on holistic and natural skin care. There she also earned licenses in various laser modalities, allowing her to become an expert in laser hair removal in additional to her fantastic facial services. One of Brooke’s favorite facial offerings is her PRP Facial which rejuvenates the skin beautifully.

When Brooke is not transforming complexions of all kinds she loves practicing yoga, hiking, and spending time in nature. She also loves photography, creating memories she can save for a lifetime.

Education & Training:

  • Beauty & Health Institute, Tampa FL: Facial Specialist & Laser Technician and Electrolysis; Phlebotomy

Medical Interests:

  • Holistic skin care and facials
  • Functional medicine, intertwining Eastern and Western medicine to create a healthy lifestyle.
  • Laser services for skin rejuvenation and hair removal
  • PRP Facials

Personal Interests:

  • Yoga
  • Hiking, spending time in nature
  • Photography

Languages Spoken:

  • English