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Hormone Balance

Everyone wants to stay healthy and active for as long as possible, but as you age, your body produces fewer hormones, and this can negatively impact your wellness. The board-certified physicians and clinical staff at Premier Wellness, in Wellington, Florida, offer hormone balancing therapy to restore your vitality and reduce disruptive symptoms like libido loss and hot flashes. Call Premier Wellness or schedule an appointment online today.

As you age your hormone levels decrease,  leading to a variety of symptoms that interfere with your health and vitality. Hormone therapy is a highly personalized treatment to replenish your body’s hormone levels and reduce or eliminate your symptoms. The team at Premier Wellness uses custom-made hormone pellets to replace the estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and thyroid hormones that your body is no longer producing.

Am I a good candidate for hormone balance therapy?

While menopause is better known, men, as well as women, suffer the effects of reduced hormone production. Some of the common signs of hormonal imbalance include:

  • Hot flashes and night sweats
  • Weight gain
  • Muscle mass loss
  • Moodiness and irritability
  • Insomnia
  • Libido loss
  • Decreased sexual performance
  • Anxiety and depression

You may assume these symptoms are an inevitable part of aging, but with customized hormone therapy from the team at Premier Wellness, you can reduce or eliminate your symptoms and enjoy enhanced wellness for many years to come.*

What should I expect during hormone therapy?

If you’re suffering from signs of hormonal imbalance, your first step is to schedule an appointment at Premier Wellness. Your physician performs a physical exam including comprehensive blood tests to identify your hormonal imbalances.

Premier Wellness works with specialized compounding pharmacies that custom-make hormone pellets to replace the specific hormones your body needs. When your hormone pellets are ready, your doctor injects the pellets into the subdermal tissue of your upper buttock. The pellets slowly release the hormones, and over the coming weeks and months, your symptoms should subside.

You have frequent checkups with your physician so they can monitor your symptoms and make adjustments to your therapy to ensure you get the optimal results necessary to restore your health, energy levels, sexual health, and overall vitality.

What are the benefits of hormone balance therapy?

Hormone therapy is a highly customized anti-aging treatment designed to enhance your health and longevity. It relieves the disruptive symptoms of aging, increases your energy levels, and helps you feel like yourself, regardless of your age.

If you’re concerned about your hormonal balance or are troubled by age-related symptoms, call Premier Wellness or schedule an appointment online today.  

*Individual results may vary.

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